Activity Rate Distribution Metrics - Integration and Type Breakdowns

@August 19, 2022

Ahoy mates! 👋

You might have noticed, that during the recent sidebar clean-up for Insights, we broke out the Activity Distribution into a standalone group.

Why is that? Because we wanted to spotlight the unique data it provides, but even more importantly, because we added four more reports to this group - Integration and Activity Type breakdowns of Activity Distribution.

Quick data walkthrough based on our production data (see pictures below)

  • Activity Distribution - Relative chart tells me, that in our Slack + GitHub community, only 17% of members are responsible for 90% of all activities this year. In other words, these are our super-users.
  • If I want to see how Integrations play to it, I can use the Activity Distribution - By Integration - Relative chart where I can learn that the distribution is much more even for GitHub, where it is almost 40% of members responsible for 90% of activities. Based on this, I should do something about my Slack ‘lurkers’ as they are the reason for lower engagement rates.

If you find this interesting, go give it a spin in your account 🌪️