GitHub Forking & History

@August 19, 2022

Ahoy people!

We made two improvements to the way we gather activities from GitHub!

Full history of events

When setting up your integration, you usually want to include some historical data about activities, so you can leverage the insights reporting and see what trends there are. We made sure to include most of the events automatically since the beginning of the repository.

Limited event history

GitHub, however, has a limited API (for some events) that shares only either events from the last 90 days or a maximum of 300 events. If there are more than 300 events, the API can only send the last 300.

If you want to dig deeper into what events are available for a full history and into what events are subject to 90/300 limitations, you can check out the Notion Doc below πŸ‘‡

List of GitHub Events and FAQ (1)

If you have any questions or comments on this update, let us know, we are happy to hear all the feedback!