🔴 Segment filtering for Activity Feed & Insights

@October 5, 2022

Have you heard? 👂👀

Is it just rumours, or is it a reality? 👻 Is segment filtering for Activity and Insights modules really in production already? Yes, it is!!! 🚀🤘🎉


How does this work?

  • In the Activity module, as well as the Activity Growth report group and Event performance report group (first two reports) in Insights, you can now filter using Segments
  • furthermore, you can select
  • current members - everyone that is in the segment right now
  • past members - members that were but no longer are in the segment
  • members over time - returning activities done by members only when they were part of the segment (agnostic of their current segment affiliation)
  • for an in-depth explanation, click here 👈

Why is this awesome?

  • because now you can filter based on dynamic properties = Segment, instead of just manually added, static Tags
  • one use case that says it all - filtering based on Activity Stage segments = now you can filter for example the Super Users segment, always getting the data of current Super Users, making tracking of ambassadors or members with low engagement a breeze! 🍃

What's next?

  • we plan on implementing this for the rest of the reports in the Insights module

Give it a go and play with your own data 📊