@August 13, 2022

While many communities use Telegram to communicate, not many community tools support Telegram integration. Talking about irony, right? 😉

That is why we are super happy to announce that…

…AhoyConnect now supports Telegram Integration!

How does it work?

Quite simple, just add Ahoy Bot to your telegram group and all members, activities, attachments avatars, … basically the whole shebang should start pouring into Ahoy.

If you need more info on hooking Telegram up, check out our Help Center article 👈

Why is it awesome?

It’s awesome for you as one more crucial place your community lives in can now be housed an analysed under one roof - Ahoy! ⛵

It’s awesome for us, as as I already mentioned, not many community tools support Telegram.

What’s next?

First up, we have our eyes on improving the way we fetch history, reactions and avatars from Telegram.

Then, we want to help you understand who the spammers and bots on Telegram are (sadly, there are a lot) and how to deal with them.


What are you waiting for? Go connect Telegram to your Ahoy instance! ☎️